Zattoo to add pay-TV from ProSiebenSat.1

German commercial TV broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 has expanded its collaboration with internet TV provider Zattoo: Pay-TV channels ProSieben Fun, Sat.1 Emotions, kabel eins classics and TV (formerly Deutsches Wetter Fernsehen) will become available as livestreams on the OTT platform.

Source: Zattoo to add pay-TV from ProSiebenSat.1

Sky Q goes on sale in the UK

Sky TV’s long overdue revamp has finally arrived. The new Sky Q service is available to order starting today, ushering in fresh hardware and a vastly improved UI. The basic box costs £42 per month and can record three shows simultaneously in 1080p — you can watch a fourth one live — on a 1TB hard drive. The Sky Q Silver box, meanwhile, is 4K ready and can capture up to four shows at once onto a 2TB drive, with the option to watch a fifth channel live. It costs £54 per month and supports up to four Sky Q Mini boxes, which cost £99 each, for multi-room viewing.

Source: Sky Q goes on sale in the UK

The first ever Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray player has gone on sale a little bit early | The Verge

Samsung’s UBD-K8500, the first Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray player, has gone on sale a bit earlier than expected. The device was announced at IFA last year, and scheduled to hit stores around March. However, there have been scattered reports that certain shops have already got the player in stock, while customers who preordered the device from Best Buy have been told it’s now shipping on February 10th. One store in Santa Monica which advertised the player on Friday seems to have sold out that same day, according to a Facebook post.

Source: The first ever Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray player has gone on sale a little bit early | The Verge

Analyst: Recommendation to drive 75% of all TV viewing |

According to consultancy service The Diffusion Group, US multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) will rapidly move to make recommendation-based programme guides the centrepiece of their updated TV interfaces. Within the next decade, the use of these recommendation-driven guides will flourish, ultimately driving 75 per cent of all TV viewing, according to TDG’s report, Recommendation Revolution – The Future of Recommendation-Driven Guides, 2016-2025.

Source: Analyst: Recommendation to drive 75% of all TV viewing |

UK programmers commit to VoD child protection |

Members of the Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA) – the UK industry body for digital, cable and satellite broadcasters and on-demand services – have signed up to a Statement of Practice for Video-on-Demand (VoD) services, committing to make child protection a priority.

Source: UK programmers commit to VoD child protection |

TV Licensing reveals top non-payment excuses |

Parrots, microwave ovens and the King of Scotland feature in the list of implausible excuses for not having a TV Licence given over the last year. Many from the list have been turned into animations by five of the UK’s leading animation universities in a bid to win a national competition.

Source: TV Licensing reveals top non-payment excuses |

Devops Means “No, you cannot operate my cloud”

One of the things I really believe strongly is that modern SaaS software development – both the practices and code it produces – are significantly different from traditional enterprise premises-based software development. Yet, I find that for people who have never built and operated a modern SaaS platform, these differences are difficult to grasp. Let me replay for you a conversation I’ve had many times.

Source: Devops Means “No, you cannot operate my cloud”