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Looks a little like a bank robber but actually is a consultant working in the field of Consumer Electronics, Digital TV and Interactive Solutions/delivery. Twenty years experience working throughout Europe on delivering IT Systems and Digital TV Solutions. Experienced in working on all aspects of service delivery including solution integration, platforms and customer premises equipment.

Microsoft Edge Browser Doesn’t Support Silverlight | Ubergizmo

With Windows 10 Microsoft is introducing a brand new web browser which is going to take over from Internet Explorer, a browser that many say is the best browser for downloading other, much more powerful web browsers. Edge seeks to change all that and bring Microsoft’s offering at par with the likes of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, since proprietary web plugins for media are being left behind, Microsoft too has decided to not support its Silverlight plugin on Edge.

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Online Streaming Doubles In 2015, Digital Downloads Sees 10% Drop

When Apple introduced iTunes back in the day, it changed the way many people consumed their music. Customers could now choose to pay for individual songs as opposed to having to buy an entire album, thus giving them more flexibility in choosing what they want to listen to. However it seems that those days are slowly leaving us.

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Ireland’s TV3 acquired by UPC |

TV3 Group, Ireland’s leading commercial television broadcaster, has confirmed that its shareholder Doughty Hanson has agreed terms for its sale to UPC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liberty Global plc and Ireland’s leading connected entertainment provider that offers over one million television, broadband and phone subscriptions to nearly 512,000 customers.

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